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Time Cost Manager (TCM) is software for time sheets, job tracking, staff production reports and more.  Simple to use - powerful reporting tools.

All your existing job data can be imported and ready to use.
Multi-user - staff can enter their own time sheets.
Jobs can be easily geo-coded for use with Google Maps (see demo).
Powerful reporting and analysis tools are included (see examples).
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Time Cost Manager is a stand-alone multi-user time costing software system for Windows. It combines ease of use with powerful analysis and reporting tools.  Since 1996 the software has been providing businesses with a simple, affordable and reliable means of storing and analysing time costing information. Time Cost Manager is dedicated to time, cost and job tracking and is not an accounting system. Accounting packages generally do not handle time costing well and high cost systems tend to take over your whole business. Time Cost Manager fills the gap by providing a safe, easily accessible means of storing your time costing information. It will bring powerful analysis capability to your business at an affordable price.

Time costing is the recording, retrieval and analysis of time and cost information within a business. It allows for accurate tracking of the time and resources used in the delivery of products and services.  It involves the recording of time spent and costs incurred to provide products or services to clients. The the primary and most basic function of a time costing system is to keep track of the time and costs associated with a particular job (product or service).

Having gathered the time and cost information, it is then possible to analyse this data to give insight into the workings and efficiencies of your business.  A time costing system can examine the information in different ways to provide invaluable information to the business manager.  Reports can be produced to give information on the overall production of the business. It also provides up-to-date information of the progress of all jobs and delivers valuable information on staff productivity. On the strategic planning level, a good time costing system provides the ability to view different categories of jobs and activities to determine which are the most profitable.

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